Friday, 15 February 2013

A Shift of Trend in the Building Construction Industry

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Construction industry is an ever evolving market, which saw different on and off elements at certain junctures. While earlier, straw and wood were primary construction materials, mud and clay, stone and brick and mortar followed it in the consecutive years. Of late, a radical change has set in the construction industry, usages of metal, especially steel, is very rapid. 

Certainly, use of metal is not new in the industry. Many old buildings have steel in their body, but in the recent times, the trend has shifted towards constructing the entire building of steel. There are commercial as well as residential buildings, which have frames, columns, beams and walls and roofs made up of steel. 

Usually, steel metal buildings are constructed on the exteriors of homes. A large number of homeowners build steel garages, steel work sheds, storage sheds and even cabins for security staffs are constructed with steel. 

On the bigger picture, lots of commercial buildings are entirely made up of steel. Their ability to withstand the onslaught of natural calamities, such as hurricanes, earthquakes, snowfalls, etc, has made steel a viable construction material. 

It is essential for someone, who is going to build a steel building, to know the types of steel buildings presently in trend. Primarily, types of such buildings invariably depend on their shapes.

The four main types are as follows:

  •  P-type steel buildings: Such buildings have straight and perpendicular walls while their roofs are in the shape of round triangular arch. P-type steel buildings are commonly constructed in the regions which witness moderate snowfall. Owing to the high walls, vehicles can navigate in the buildings easily.

  • S-type steel buildings: Walls in these buildings are straight and perpendicular but roof used to be of semicircular shape. Generally, these types of buildings have high ceiling, which helps a lot in the free movement of large vehicles inside the building.

  • Q-type steel buildings: There used to be no walls in these buildings, instead they are completely a large semicircle. Though, there can’t be a free movement of vehicles inside these buildings but they work better as garages.

  • A-type steel buildings: These buildings are quite suited for the heavy snowfall prone areas. Walls are in sloping inward shape and roofs are round-triangular in such buildings. They do not have large space available inside the buildings. 

You can ask for any of such steel buildings types’ construction from online steel building manufacturers. Besides it, you can find several steel building kits available online on the manufacturers’ websites.. Steel buildings are not very costly at all, so you can get bespoke design from these online retailers.


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