Saturday, 30 March 2013

Why Should we Opt for Steel Buildings?

Most builders weigh out the pros and cons of before using steel for constructing a building. Now people who are pouring in money to construct a building want the building to be strong, sturdy and long lasting. Constructors always advise the clients to build steel construction because they will stand them in good stead. Here are the reasons why steel buildings are considered better than concrete or traditional buildings.

The Cost Factor

Concrete Buildings cost more than steel buildings because many elements are used in constructing it like cement, bricks, stone chips, plaster, iron rods, sand, paint, etc. First the foundation is set, then, the bricks are cemented one by one to construct the walls, the walls then have to be plastered and painted. All in all, a concrete building is very expensive to erect. On the other hand, a steel building is much cheaper. The only elements needed are, welding torches, laser cutters, sheets of steel and scrap metal. Also, labour costs are lower while erecting a steel building as half the buildings are pre-fabricated and just have to be assembled.

Time taken to build the Structure

Steel structures take lesser time to build than concrete structures. Assembling pre-fabricated steel buildings will take a maximum of a month or to assemble whereas, a concrete structure will take more than three months to build. Separate functions need to be completed like, first the cement has to dry after which the walls are plastered, and then the plaster has to dry so that we can start with the painting.

Stability of the Building

Steel buildings are way more stable than concrete buildings. Steel is a very strong substance and it is one of the reasons why bridges are made of it. And bridges last for ages without succumbing to harsh weather conditions. Steel buildings can tolerate natural calamities like earthquakes, hurricanes, torrential rainfall, snow storms, etc. Concrete buildings will crumble if exposed to harsh climatic conditions. Once the building shows signs of ‘decay’ lot of money will go into the maintenance of building.

Designing is more Flexible

Steel Buildings are really flexible and can be designed in any way. However, concrete buildings, once built cannot be changed easily.

Bid Goodbye to Pest Problems

As steel is impenetrable, you do not have to worry about pest problems. Rodents like rats and insects like termites and white ants can’t eat through steel and parasitic plants like mildew cannot grow on steel.

All in all, steel structures are a lot more sensible than concrete structures as they are long lasting, durable and cheap.


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